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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Yu Jae Shin, Year 6, SJKC Tsun Jin - Causes of Obesity

Yu Jae Shin, Year 6, SJKC Tsun Jin

Causes of Obesity

Nowadays, there are many obese people. Obesity is a problem because it causes health complications. To tackle the problem of obesity, we must first understand the cause. Here are some of the causes of obesity.

Firstly, eating too much will make people fat. Some people like to eat unhealthy food. For example, last year, I ate a lot of junk food so I was very fat. Moreover, some people like fast food because it is convenient. Additionally, they have an unbalanced diet. They eat too much carbohydrates and fat. They do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. So, they gain weight. 

Secondly, not exercising can cause obesity. Some people are too lazy to exercise. After eating, they go straight to bed. For example, my friend was skinny but a few months ago, he started to put on weight and now he is fatter than me. So I asked him what happened. He said that when he finished dinner, he would go to bed. So he became chubby. Besides, some people are too busy so they cannot exercise. They cannot burn the calories they take in. If they don’t move their bodies, the calories will accumulate. People need to exercise because too many calories building up will increase their weight.

Thirdly, stress makes you overweight. Some people eat too quickly or late at night because they are busy and do not have time to eat properly or at the right time. Fathers are usually like that. They eat late because they get home late. Moreover, some people like to drink alcoholic beverages such as beer. When they finish work, their boss will invite them to a pub. Some people have sad or stressful days so they drink a lot. Eventually, they will become obese. 

The causes of obesity are over-eating, not moving and stress. We need a healthy body. So try not to gain too much weight. Don’t eat too much and make sure you do some exercises. Think of your family!

Student Essay - Wee Su Lin, American Degree Program, Inti College - Are zoos useful?

Wee Su Lin, American Degree Program, Inti College

Are zoos useful?

In the modern world, there are many zoos all over the world. Some people think that zoos are more harmful than useful. In my opinion, zoos are useful for both humans and animals. Zoos play an important role in our society. They are important because the zoo is a nice place to visit, endangered species can be protected and animals can be studied.

Firstly, the zoo is useful because it is a nice place to visit. Family and friends can spend quality time together at the zoo. They can have an enjoyable day looking at different species of animals. They can interact with each other and relax. Nowadays, families do not spend as much time together as they used to in the past. However, the zoo is a great reason for spending time with family members. Also, the zoo is a popular tourist destination. The zoo is very good entertainment for tourists. Many travellers visit the zoo because there are some animals that can only be seen in the zoo of a particular country. Moreover, zoos can generate substantial income and help the country’s economy. As a result, zoos are very useful.

Secondly, the zoo is useful because some endangered species are rescued and kept in zoos. Some animals have lost their habitats but they have a safe haven in the zoo. Nowadays, animals are kept in larger cages and some of them even have an environment that resembles their natural habitat. Research has shown that animals which live in the zoo live longer than animals that live in the wild. This is because animals in the zoo are fed properly. Some animals in the wild starve to death because they do not have enough food to eat. However, if animals live in the zoos, they will be fed adequately. Also, animals in the zoo can be reintroduced back in the wild. When sick animals are brought to the zoo, they can be taken care of until they are healthy again and then released back into the jungle. Hence, animals are well-treated in zoos. 

Lastly, the zoo is useful because animals are subjects of study. There will be no visual or personal experiences for people if not for zoos. There aren’t many places other than zoos where normal people can see wild animals. Zoos are much more than a window where animals are exposed for people’s amusement. If we could not have any visual or personal experiences of animals, they would be merely imaginary creatures to us. Moreover, the zoo is the only place for people to observe and study animals. Zoos are places where people can be close to a wide variety of species and learn about their behavior. As such, people can gain deeper knowledge about animals because of the existence of zoos.

In conclusion, zoos are very useful in many ways. A zoo is useful because it is a nice place to spend time with our loved ones. It is also helpful because animals are kept safe. It is worthwhile to have zoos because we learn so much about animals when visiting a zoo. So, zoos are valuable. However, the conditions of a zoo should clean and appropriate for the animals.

Student Essay - Tony Kim June Cheol, Year 11, Sayfol International School - “I’d fought them for so long.”

Tony Kim June Cheol, Year 11, Sayfol International School

“I’d fought them for so long.”

It was time. I’d fought against them for so long. For 40 years, I never thought or sensed that there would be an end to this fight. This fight continued infinitely without any benefit but caused so much loss. I didn’t have any close friends since they were all dead. My heart was too scared to make any more friends. 

“Sir, our army is ready,” said one of my soldiers and it brought me back to the situation now. I was sitting on my red horse, Stinger, holding an old, stylish sword. 

There were thousands of soldiers behind me, who had spent more than ten years with me. Many of them were injured but at that moment, the fact that this fight was their last fight made them rise to the challenge, determined to win. At the opposite side, where we were facing, was the army called Nocxus. Both sides were totally fed up of fighting. I held my horse tightly. After a moment of deep silence, there was a loud blaring of the horn.

Immediately, a loud roar blasted from both sides. All the soldiers dashed towards the other side, swinging their swords to achieve final victory. As I made contact with the enemy, my eyes met with the one eye of Porter, the enemy leader. His other eye was missing because of me. The scar on my chest caused by him seemed to hurt when I saw him. We stormed towards each other the same way we had done for a dozen years. We already knew each other’s fighting style too well. 

The clash of metal filled the atmosphere. Blood was splashing everywhere. Porter and I passed each other more than fifty times, producing glaring sparks. All the soldiers beside us, either friend or foe, stopped fighting and stepped back, forming a big circle. Their fight couldn’t be compared to ours. They were watching their leaders fight without a word. When Porter made a big swipe with his sword, I barely dodged it. I quickly straightened my sword. That was my chance.

My heart was bumping very fast. Suddenly, I realized my sword was coloured red. I was also aware of the cheers and yelling from my surroundings. Our army had won. We had finally finished the fight. I shouted and yelled like a mad man, sunk into the moment of victory. I had never felt happier than at this moment.

Student Essay - Song Yeong Jae, Year 5, Taylor’s International School - Olympics

Song Yeong Jae, Year 5, Taylor’s International School


It was a very important month. It was the Olympic show time. We were all excited to watch the Olympics. We gathered around the television. My dad pressed the remote control and went to the Olympic channel. We gathered around even more closely. We watched the football and then we watched the long jump to see our favourite athlete, Yeong Jae. He was tall, fast and handsome. All the players so far had managed to jump over the pole. We were all impressed with the athletes. So we thought Yeong Jae would be able to jump over the pole easily because he was the best. 

Yeong Jae, who was the last athlete, was getting ready because it was almost his turn. We were really excited. Finally, his name was called. Yeong Jae got ready at the starting point. He ran toward the pole and jumped. He jumped really high. Suddenly, he fell. We felt like our hearts were breaking. 

We all shouted, “Oh, my gosh!” 

He hit the floor, landing on his head. We were all shocked. 

We were running around the sofa saying, “Oh, my gosh!” 

The ambulance came. I cannot explain how shocked we were. We were really sad that our favourite athlete had lost and was injured. We were also worried that Yeong Jae would not be able to participate in the next Olympics.

It was a hard time for us. We felt really sorry for Yeong Jae. We were also worried about him. He went to hospital. He was really sick and had to have a few operations. After a month, Yeong Jae recovered and took part in another competition. We were really happy that he was back. The world was shocked about what happened at the Olympics but everyone is happy again that Yeong Jae is back.

Student Essay - Song Yeong Jae, Year 5, Taylor’s International School - Olympics

Song Ye Na, Year 7, Taylor’s International School

The Presentation

This presentation was everything to me. If I failed it, I would fail my life. It was to obtain approval for my new business. If I failed it, I would have nowhere to do. That is why I said that the presentation was my life. I received a tag when I went in. Number 23 was written on it. I was very nervous. I couldn’t even breathe properly. 

Nervous, worried, anxious, afraid, tense. These were all that I felt. If I mixed all these words, I could say that it was ‘hard’. I was in a state of full tension. My brain had nothing in it. I couldn’t feel the soft wind blowing from the air conditioner. The powdery smell of the room was making me dizzy. The sound of typing on the keyboard and printing on the printer made me dizzier and more breathless.

Now, it was number 13. My number was 23. Ten more till my turn. My lips were drying up. I put some moisturizing lip balm onto my lips and waited. Number 17 was coming out of the interview room. What? Number 18 already? I looked at my watch and realized that an hour had passed.
Time was passing quickly. 

“Number 19, please come in.” 

Number 20, 21, 22 … The hands on my watch were moving and moving. I waited for Number 22 to come out. She came out more slowly than the others. I waited for my name to be called. 

“Number 23, please come in,” said the officer loudly.

“Okay,” I answered in an anxious voice. 

When I was presenting my business proposal, my hands were full of sweat. They were as slippery as eels. At that time, my hearing was so sensitive that I could even hear the pens of the officers scratching the paper and the humming of the air conditioner. 

“Thank you, Miss,” said the officer when I finished. 

I went out with light footsteps because I felt that I did well. Hopefully I would get approved!

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