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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Song Yeong Jae, Year 5, Taylor’s International School - Olympics

Song Yeong Jae, Year 5, Taylor’s International School


It was a very important month. It was the Olympic show time. We were all excited to watch the Olympics. We gathered around the television. My dad pressed the remote control and went to the Olympic channel. We gathered around even more closely. We watched the football and then we watched the long jump to see our favourite athlete, Yeong Jae. He was tall, fast and handsome. All the players so far had managed to jump over the pole. We were all impressed with the athletes. So we thought Yeong Jae would be able to jump over the pole easily because he was the best. 

Yeong Jae, who was the last athlete, was getting ready because it was almost his turn. We were really excited. Finally, his name was called. Yeong Jae got ready at the starting point. He ran toward the pole and jumped. He jumped really high. Suddenly, he fell. We felt like our hearts were breaking. 

We all shouted, “Oh, my gosh!” 

He hit the floor, landing on his head. We were all shocked. 

We were running around the sofa saying, “Oh, my gosh!” 

The ambulance came. I cannot explain how shocked we were. We were really sad that our favourite athlete had lost and was injured. We were also worried that Yeong Jae would not be able to participate in the next Olympics.

It was a hard time for us. We felt really sorry for Yeong Jae. We were also worried about him. He went to hospital. He was really sick and had to have a few operations. After a month, Yeong Jae recovered and took part in another competition. We were really happy that he was back. The world was shocked about what happened at the Olympics but everyone is happy again that Yeong Jae is back.

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