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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Song Yeong Jae, Year 5, Taylor’s International School - Olympics

Song Ye Na, Year 7, Taylor’s International School

The Presentation

This presentation was everything to me. If I failed it, I would fail my life. It was to obtain approval for my new business. If I failed it, I would have nowhere to do. That is why I said that the presentation was my life. I received a tag when I went in. Number 23 was written on it. I was very nervous. I couldn’t even breathe properly. 

Nervous, worried, anxious, afraid, tense. These were all that I felt. If I mixed all these words, I could say that it was ‘hard’. I was in a state of full tension. My brain had nothing in it. I couldn’t feel the soft wind blowing from the air conditioner. The powdery smell of the room was making me dizzy. The sound of typing on the keyboard and printing on the printer made me dizzier and more breathless.

Now, it was number 13. My number was 23. Ten more till my turn. My lips were drying up. I put some moisturizing lip balm onto my lips and waited. Number 17 was coming out of the interview room. What? Number 18 already? I looked at my watch and realized that an hour had passed.
Time was passing quickly. 

“Number 19, please come in.” 

Number 20, 21, 22 … The hands on my watch were moving and moving. I waited for Number 22 to come out. She came out more slowly than the others. I waited for my name to be called. 

“Number 23, please come in,” said the officer loudly.

“Okay,” I answered in an anxious voice. 

When I was presenting my business proposal, my hands were full of sweat. They were as slippery as eels. At that time, my hearing was so sensitive that I could even hear the pens of the officers scratching the paper and the humming of the air conditioner. 

“Thank you, Miss,” said the officer when I finished. 

I went out with light footsteps because I felt that I did well. Hopefully I would get approved!

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