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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Tony Kim June Cheol, Year 11, Sayfol International School - “I’d fought them for so long.”

Tony Kim June Cheol, Year 11, Sayfol International School

“I’d fought them for so long.”

It was time. I’d fought against them for so long. For 40 years, I never thought or sensed that there would be an end to this fight. This fight continued infinitely without any benefit but caused so much loss. I didn’t have any close friends since they were all dead. My heart was too scared to make any more friends. 

“Sir, our army is ready,” said one of my soldiers and it brought me back to the situation now. I was sitting on my red horse, Stinger, holding an old, stylish sword. 

There were thousands of soldiers behind me, who had spent more than ten years with me. Many of them were injured but at that moment, the fact that this fight was their last fight made them rise to the challenge, determined to win. At the opposite side, where we were facing, was the army called Nocxus. Both sides were totally fed up of fighting. I held my horse tightly. After a moment of deep silence, there was a loud blaring of the horn.

Immediately, a loud roar blasted from both sides. All the soldiers dashed towards the other side, swinging their swords to achieve final victory. As I made contact with the enemy, my eyes met with the one eye of Porter, the enemy leader. His other eye was missing because of me. The scar on my chest caused by him seemed to hurt when I saw him. We stormed towards each other the same way we had done for a dozen years. We already knew each other’s fighting style too well. 

The clash of metal filled the atmosphere. Blood was splashing everywhere. Porter and I passed each other more than fifty times, producing glaring sparks. All the soldiers beside us, either friend or foe, stopped fighting and stepped back, forming a big circle. Their fight couldn’t be compared to ours. They were watching their leaders fight without a word. When Porter made a big swipe with his sword, I barely dodged it. I quickly straightened my sword. That was my chance.

My heart was bumping very fast. Suddenly, I realized my sword was coloured red. I was also aware of the cheers and yelling from my surroundings. Our army had won. We had finally finished the fight. I shouted and yelled like a mad man, sunk into the moment of victory. I had never felt happier than at this moment.

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