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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Wee Su Lin, American Degree Program, Inti College - Are zoos useful?

Wee Su Lin, American Degree Program, Inti College

Are zoos useful?

In the modern world, there are many zoos all over the world. Some people think that zoos are more harmful than useful. In my opinion, zoos are useful for both humans and animals. Zoos play an important role in our society. They are important because the zoo is a nice place to visit, endangered species can be protected and animals can be studied.

Firstly, the zoo is useful because it is a nice place to visit. Family and friends can spend quality time together at the zoo. They can have an enjoyable day looking at different species of animals. They can interact with each other and relax. Nowadays, families do not spend as much time together as they used to in the past. However, the zoo is a great reason for spending time with family members. Also, the zoo is a popular tourist destination. The zoo is very good entertainment for tourists. Many travellers visit the zoo because there are some animals that can only be seen in the zoo of a particular country. Moreover, zoos can generate substantial income and help the country’s economy. As a result, zoos are very useful.

Secondly, the zoo is useful because some endangered species are rescued and kept in zoos. Some animals have lost their habitats but they have a safe haven in the zoo. Nowadays, animals are kept in larger cages and some of them even have an environment that resembles their natural habitat. Research has shown that animals which live in the zoo live longer than animals that live in the wild. This is because animals in the zoo are fed properly. Some animals in the wild starve to death because they do not have enough food to eat. However, if animals live in the zoos, they will be fed adequately. Also, animals in the zoo can be reintroduced back in the wild. When sick animals are brought to the zoo, they can be taken care of until they are healthy again and then released back into the jungle. Hence, animals are well-treated in zoos. 

Lastly, the zoo is useful because animals are subjects of study. There will be no visual or personal experiences for people if not for zoos. There aren’t many places other than zoos where normal people can see wild animals. Zoos are much more than a window where animals are exposed for people’s amusement. If we could not have any visual or personal experiences of animals, they would be merely imaginary creatures to us. Moreover, the zoo is the only place for people to observe and study animals. Zoos are places where people can be close to a wide variety of species and learn about their behavior. As such, people can gain deeper knowledge about animals because of the existence of zoos.

In conclusion, zoos are very useful in many ways. A zoo is useful because it is a nice place to spend time with our loved ones. It is also helpful because animals are kept safe. It is worthwhile to have zoos because we learn so much about animals when visiting a zoo. So, zoos are valuable. However, the conditions of a zoo should clean and appropriate for the animals.

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