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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Yu Jae Shin, Year 6, SJKC Tsun Jin - Causes of Obesity

Yu Jae Shin, Year 6, SJKC Tsun Jin

Causes of Obesity

Nowadays, there are many obese people. Obesity is a problem because it causes health complications. To tackle the problem of obesity, we must first understand the cause. Here are some of the causes of obesity.

Firstly, eating too much will make people fat. Some people like to eat unhealthy food. For example, last year, I ate a lot of junk food so I was very fat. Moreover, some people like fast food because it is convenient. Additionally, they have an unbalanced diet. They eat too much carbohydrates and fat. They do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. So, they gain weight. 

Secondly, not exercising can cause obesity. Some people are too lazy to exercise. After eating, they go straight to bed. For example, my friend was skinny but a few months ago, he started to put on weight and now he is fatter than me. So I asked him what happened. He said that when he finished dinner, he would go to bed. So he became chubby. Besides, some people are too busy so they cannot exercise. They cannot burn the calories they take in. If they don’t move their bodies, the calories will accumulate. People need to exercise because too many calories building up will increase their weight.

Thirdly, stress makes you overweight. Some people eat too quickly or late at night because they are busy and do not have time to eat properly or at the right time. Fathers are usually like that. They eat late because they get home late. Moreover, some people like to drink alcoholic beverages such as beer. When they finish work, their boss will invite them to a pub. Some people have sad or stressful days so they drink a lot. Eventually, they will become obese. 

The causes of obesity are over-eating, not moving and stress. We need a healthy body. So try not to gain too much weight. Don’t eat too much and make sure you do some exercises. Think of your family!

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