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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Kim Jun Seok, Year 11, Sayfol International School - Lost

Kim Jun Seok, Year 11, Sayfol International School


How could God to this! In the enormous jungle, I was the only one who survived. The hijackers had fired their guns indiscriminately and caused the fall of the plane. When I regained consciousness, the plane had crashed and all the other passengers had died due to the crash. After vomiting and crying about situation, I decided to think positively – “I am lucky that I survived that crash!”

I was able to find a few useful items from the plane. There was a gun with a few blankets, some food, a little water, a knife, a watch, a lighter and a cell phone. Obviously, the cell phone was unable to connect and the gun was not working due to the crash. As I had plenty of food to sustain me, I could have waited for someone to rescue me but after a few days, I chose to move and find my way out. I knew nothing about this jungle but I didn’t stop walking. With a slight memory of what a magazine suggested, I made an SOS sign and tied torn cloth on trees to remind myself of the way I’d come. On the way, the mosquitoes were mad at me and the spines of plants didn’t let me through easily. The suffering and dangers were endless but still, I didn’t give up and continued my way.

Fortunately, after a long duration of following a bird’s call, I reached the river. As I had read that I could be rescued if I followed the river, it was a relief to find it. But as my body was weary, I decided to have a rest for a while. Adding insult to injury, I found out that the clouds were grouping and rain would soon fall. I was horrified by the continuous bad luck. I quickly made a shelter with nearby leaves and a fire using my lighter. The fire was warm and bright and it gave me a little comfort. But it was a huge mistake. After an hour, a jaguar found me due to the smoke. 

I panicked. I tried to scare it using the fire but the rain started and it put my fire out. I grabbed some stones and slowly stepped back. As quickly as lightning, I threw the stones at the jaguar and ran. It was almost impossible to run faster than it but with hope, I ran for my life. Obviously, it wouldn’t work and soon the jaguar scratched my leg with its claws. I screamed in pain and fell down. The jaguar jumped on me viciously and I took out my useless gun to block it.  The gun stopped its mouth trying to bite my shoulder and the spit of the jaguar fell onto my face. Then I took out my knife with the other hand and immediately stabbed its body. Red sticky liquid sprayed the surroundings with the smell of iron and with a short roar, the jaguar lay on me feebly.

After the fight, I was full of horror. But I couldn’t stop. I continued following the river. Soon, I saw a wooden house. Finally, I found some villagers. Even though I was tired, I ran with hope. They looked at me suspiciously and spoke a mysterious language. I was happy that I survived but I realized something strange. There were bones on the ground and the villagers were looking at me happily. Soon, two muscular men caught me with a bright smile and that was it.

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