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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Kim Ja Youn, Year 10, Sayfol International School - The Visitor

Kim Ja Youn, Year 10, Sayfol International School

The Visitor

A lot of people have weird ideas about life in the countryside. They assume that living there would be very peaceful, so peaceful that it becomes too boring. Well, I am a country girl born in the countryside. I grew up with the cows and would possibly end my life on the grass. There is no actual evidence to prove the boredom. But the truth is that the countryside is full of unexpected adventures every day.

There isn’t much difference between the countryside and the city. We live busily during the spring and autumn and work all day long. We also have visitors in the countryside. The only difference would be who the visitor is. Visitors in the city are usually humans, but we would welcome God’s other creatures too. I, too, had a visitor once, who would visit me regularly every lunch time. I called him Mr. Ram. However, one afternoon, I realized that the meeting with Mr. Ram was getting extraordinarily late, I could not brush off the strange suspicious worry that I had and decided to go search for him. The forest seemed to be rustling much more than usual but I didn’t give much attention to it. From afar, I could smell the familiar scent of fresh blood. Half curious and half worried, I followed the smell and ended up finding a hungry wild wolf engulfing Mr Ram.

I froze instantly and watched the hungry beast finishing his meal. And as I observed, in shock, the eye of Mr. Ram seemed to be giving me a message. To either run away or avenge him. When the wolf had nearly finished Mr. Ram, I decided that it was my cue to leave. But perhaps the wolf was still hungry or annoyed that his meal was being disturbed, he glared at me with his fierce yellow eyes. I didn’t give in but chose to stare back at him with the fiercest look I could give. It turned back and focused on Mr. Ram. However, just as I turned away, I sensed threat. Without even looking back, I dashed towards where I came from but with the beast right behind me. Within a few minutes, I was able to see my house and with all my energy, I rushed through the door and to safety.

But it wasn’t over. I had to get rid of that beast which was howling outside my house, probably calling for his allies. I grabbed my favourite pistol and climbed up onto the roof. Calmly and in control, I targeted the wolf and with a loud bang, shot him. The bullet pierced his legs, wounding him but not enough to kill him. I was the villager’s most talented sniper which meant that I never missed a target. From the start, I was targeting his leg. There was no reason for me to kill a creature but I could determine its fate. Since his legs were wounded, he would probably starve to death or get hunted by other animals.

Showing sympathy and dropping tears for every creature wasn’t my style. That would be a waste of emotions, time and energy. Animals getting killed is nothing special; there are even people getting killed here. This is fun part of living in the countryside where people have few laws to adhere to. I think it’s the same in the city. You either hunt. Or you get hunted.

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