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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Kim Min Gyo, Year 7, Sayfol International School - My Mother

Kim Min Gyo, Year 7, Sayfol International School

My Mother

Mothers are the most important people in our lives even if they sometimes scold us. I guess most of us probably deserve the scolding for various reasons. My mother is an amazing person. She handles me with love. And she rarely punishes me. There are many reasons why she is a wonderful person.

Firstly, she cares about me and gives me lots of love. For example, she wakes me up in the mornings by kissing and nibbling me. She kisses me until I get annoyed. She also sometimes tickles me. I would say, “Stop, mum!” but she never does until I wake up. She keeps on saying, “Wake up!” Furthermore, she lets me eat whatever I want. Whatever I request, she would either cook it for or buy it for me. If I say that I want to eat tom yum, for example, she would buy it for me because she can’t cook it. If I say I want to eat something for lunch, she would pack it for me. 

Secondly, she loves animals. If it is a baby animal, she would adore it even more. She is especially mad about puppies. She used to have puppies before I was born. Whenever I show her a picture of a puppy, she would smile. She also likes cats and kittens. I had cats a few years ago. It was my mother who toilet-trained them. Once, she saw a stray cat and brought it home. I told her I wanted it and she allowed me to keep it. 

Thirdly, she gets angry when I do something wrong because I deserve it. The reason is that I did something really bad. For example, if I don’t work hard at Math, she gets mad. She says that Math is one of the most important subjects. I must do well in Math if I want to go to college. Moreover, she looks hard for my mistakes. If I make grammar mistakes in my English homework, she shouts at me. If I sit for an exam and get low marks for it, she scolds me. She does all this because she wants me to be a better person.

In conclusion, my mother is a caring, loving and warm-hearted person even if she sometimes reprimands me. Her scolding may be bitter medicine for now, but it will be sweet in the future because I will be successful, thanks to her. I love my mother. I will repay her love by studying harder.

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