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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Jo Seong Min, Year 10, Sri KDU International School - A Lucky Escape

Jo Seong Min, Year 10, Sri KDU International School

A Lucky Escape

It was a heavy day. I planned to go camping in the mountains with my friends. So I asked four of my best friends and they agreed to spend two nights in the mountain. I was very happy at that time. I asked to meet up on Friday morning. I couldn’t sleep the night before. The next morning, I drove to the mountain. When I arrived, everyone was already there waiting for me. I brought food and a sleeping bag and everyone else brought mainly the same things. We started to pitch the tents.

At 6pm, we started to prepare dinner. The mountain was getting cold. We took out all our food. There were tuna buns with cheese, two loaves of bread and many bottles of water. After we ate, we put everything back into the bag. Suddenly, small rocks were falling down from the top of the mountain and then big ones too. We were very scared and held hands. Suddenly, the mountain broke in half and there was a landslide. I thought we were all going to die. A rock hit my head and I fainted.

When I regained consciousness, I couldn’t feel my arm. My head was covered in blood. I looked in the direction of my arm and was shocked to see that it was not there! My left arm was gone! I panicked. I knew that if I didn’t calm down, I would soon die. So, I calmed myself down and tried to focus on survival instead. Luckily, I had a first aid kit with me. I applied some medication and tried my best to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, there was lots of food left but I had to be careful not to finish it all. 

After a week, I ran out of food and water. I managed to walk around but I couldn’t find any of my friends. I couldn’t find my way out either. I found a cave that was very warm so I went in. For some reason, I felt like someone was inside. There was a big, fat, brown creature. I shouted as loudly as I could and the brown creature tried to attack me. I closed my eyes. Suddenly, the creature fell down. When I opened my eyes, I saw my friends. I was very surprised. They asked me what had happened to my arm. They said that they had come back to save me. They were rescued after the land slide. I was so happy. We slept in the cave with a fire at the entrance and waited for morning to come.  

In the morning, a helicopter came to rescue us. The next day, I saw us in the news. I was happy. We were back with our families. I had lost an arm but at least I survived. It was a lucky escape.

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