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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - A Taste of Freedom – by Chris Kim Seung Yeon, Year 7, Sayfol International School

A Taste of Freedom – by Chris Kim Seung Yeon, Year 7, Sayfol International School

There was a boy called Jonnaes Beh who was in Year 9 in Sayfol International School. He was always very kind to his friends. Many of the teachers liked him because he was very lively and polite. He played football whenever he had time because his favourite sport was football. He didn’t like to study so he didn’t study for his exam.

One week before the exam, he was still playing football with his friends. He had so much fun with them. He almost forgot there would be an exam the following week because he was too focussed on playing football. When he was playing, he became very fierce and tough. After playing football for two hours, he went home. When he entered the house, he could feel his mother’s anger. He feared for his life.

Jonnaes didn’t know what was happening or why she was angry with him. So he just said to his mother, “I am home.” 

Suddenly, his mother exploded and threw her bag at him. She said, “Do whatever you want!” She almost cried when she said it. 

Jonnaes thought he was free because he didn’t really know what his mother meant. He started playing all the time and doing only some of his homework. But he felt that something was wrong. He failed most of his subjects but his mother didn’t even care.

At that time, Jonnaes realised that his mother didn’t really mean to give him freedom. He felt sorry and decided to study hard. So he started studying again and playing only in his free time. He felt good that he was achieving something. His mother was surprised that he was studying hard. He, himself, was surprised. 

Jonnaes and his mother’s relationship became better again and his family was happy that Jonnaes got 100 marks for all his subjects. Jonnaes was pleased that his studying skills as well as his football skills had improved.

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