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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - The Die – by Choi Myeong Jin, Grade 5 ISKL

The Die – by Choi Myeong Jin, Grade 5 ISKL

It started out a perfectly normal day. I tapped on my element-proof watch which I got for my birthday. I slipped on my air slippers and turned on my glow-in-the-dark iPad 5000. “Warning! I repeat – warning! Today is 3,099 in Myeongjinton D.C.! A scientist named Mcjpo has predicted today to be the last day of our world. I will now turn the microphone to Mr. Mcjpo,” announced the host on the radio.

“Yes, thank you very much. I’ve been working on this project for 20 years and have found out that the universe is going to collapse into almost nothing. There is a dark energy that keeps the universe expanding continuously. When it gets worse, even tiny atoms will break up into smaller particles, expanding the universe into nothingness,” explained Mr. Mcjpo.

“Okay, okay, no need for exaggeration, Mr. Mcjpo. So, you’ve heard it, folks. Prepare for the end of the world! Wait, why am I even broadcasting this, I should yelling and running around like a chicken without its head! Ahhhhhh!” yelled the announcer.

I suddenly felt a great force stretching all the molecules in my body. How it happened so quickly and suddenly I did not know. I hurriedly packed my stuff and my magic die which had been given to me by my grandfather. The die was precious; it could grant me one wish. I jumped into my emergency spacecraft and zoomed off. I saw earth exploding into tiny pieces in front of my very eyes. Then I saw the engine and oxygen tank warning sign on the dashboard of my spacecraft. The engine and oxygen tank must have exploded too! I was paralysed with fear. Was this really the end for me? There must be a way out of this!

The spacecraft wriggled and bumped into tiny asteroids. Suddenly, the die rolled out of my pocket. I thought, “Yes! Yes! The Die!” The die was a magical item acquired by one of my forefathers in the late 13th century. In order to do its magic, it needed to soak up 0.01 litre of any liquid. “What liquid can I use?” Sweat rolled down my nose. Then it fell onto the die. I exclaimed, “Aha! I could use my saliva!” I hesitated for a while. “What will it taste like? Would it be poisonous?” I dropped the die into my mouth and tried to secrete as much saliva as I could.

The die started soaking up as much saliva as it needed. My tongue turned brown! After a quarter of a second, I wished for the dark energy to dissipate. Suddenly, the disaster stopped; the power of the dark energy and matter was equal again. But there was one hiccup – planet Earth had broken in two! But people did not care; they built a huge bridge between the two parts. I, on the other hand, became a hero and was in all the movies, magazines and newspapers!

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