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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - A Love Story – Jinny Lee Hyo Jin, Year 5, ISKL

A Love Story – Jinny Lee Hyo Jin, Year 5, ISKL

Victoria Owen was the most beautiful lady in Great Britain. Her skin was pearl white, smooth and soft. She had no pimples or wrinkles. Her eyes were ocean blue and crystal clear. They seemed to descend into the depths of her soul. Her nose was straight and high, and there were no freckes on it. Her lips were plump and a cute cherry pink in colour, set in a small and egg-shaped face. Her long, light-brown hair was shiny, beautiful and elegantly curled.

Victoria was tall and slim. She was 24 years old and she had just graduated from the University of Oxford. Her family was rich and full of love and laughter. Her own heart was very warm and loving. She was always kind to others. Her only problem was that she was loved by lots of men, but she herself had nobody in her heart.

“Victoria, Sir Witte has invited our family to a dance party he is having at ten o’clock tonight, which is only 4 hours way. Take a bath, dress up and put on some make up. Do your hair and put on some accessories. And please take Scarlette and Violet with you. I’m sorry but your father and I cannot go. Please take good care of your sisters. Remember, they are already 18 but this is only their second time at a dance party. I believe you’re mature enough to know what to do. I trust you,” advised Victoria’s mother.

That night, stunning Victoria and her two pretty twin sisters, Scarlett and Violet arrived at Sir Witte’s great and glorious mansion. As they were enjoying the luxurious party by dancing and tasting the sumptious food, a delightfully handsome man named Joseph Ketterson stepped into the mansion. Every woman there, including Victoria, fell in love with Joseph. As the days passed, Victoria and Joseph fell deeper and deeper in love. Finally, Victoria had found her first and true love!

Since Victoria’s parents only wanted Victoria to be courted when she was 22, Victoria had to meet Joseph in secret. Joseph didn’t mind but Victoria was tired of having to sneak out at midnight when it was pitch-black and cold. So, on the 99th night they met, she complained to Joseph about the situation and suggested begging her parents to allow them to marry. All of a sudden, Joseph’s face turned pale white with a tinge of purple. Then icy tears rolled down his face. It looked as if he was sorry for an enormous and unforgivable sin that he had committed. Slowly, Joseph started to explain to Victoria that he was not human, but a rose - a purple rose – and that he had been lying to her all the time. Victoria became all confused. Then her mind went completely blank. Joseph continued to explain that he would be able to live and marry her but not have a child as the child would be seen to be a freak. It would have a purple head and the rest of its body would be almost as thin as a chopstick. Joseph also said that there is a possibility he may turn back into a purple rose and if he did, he would not be able to transform to human form again. The second Joseph finished explaining, he started to fade away.

Victoria Owen was found lying in her garden. Many clever and excellent doctors visited to try to revive her but they all failed. Finally, at exactly 5.13 one morning, Victoria Owen’s short and lovely life ended. Great Britain fell into deep sadness. Nobody talked about her or her death. The country became dark, moody and silent. Everyone was sighing everywhere. Victoria turned out to have died of love-sickness. Nobody had a clue who the mysterious and unknown lover was, until a day after her death. A news reporter spotted a stunning rose and letter in Victoria’s room. He opened the letter and it said ...

Victoria Oh Victoria,

I am so sorry that I made you ill. I felt so guilty and sinful I was beside you, so I had to leave you. The reason I turned myself into a handsome human is because I feared scientists and researchers might take me away, rip my body into pieces and discover the many secrets in me. Victoria, I apologize for my lie and your suffering. I hope that death will let you, Victoria Owen, and I, Joseph Ketterson love again, but this time, let us experience a more peaceful and deeper love, in another world.

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