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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Advantages of having a car – Jeong Eui Yeon, Form 4, Chung Hwa Independent High School

Advantages of having a  car – Jeong Eui Yeon, Form 4, Chung Hwa Independent High School

In this modern day and age, the car has become an essential mode of transport for us human beings. It makes our lives more convenient. Although some people argue that cars are responsible for the problem of air pollution that we have today, I think the car is a very beneficial invention. Here are my views on the advantages of the car. 

First and foremost, the car is the most convenient mode of transportation. Firstly, it is faster than walking or cycling so it takes us less time to reach our destination. With the invention of the navigation system, it is taking even less time. Besides, the car is also more convenient than the plane or train especially for short distances. We can travel from door to door without having to go to the train station or airport at specific times. Or risk missing our train or plane if we are late.

It is true that cars emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and pollute the air. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, scientists and engineers have recently invented a fuel free car which doesn’t require any petrol or fuel. It is powered by water or hydrogen. Soon, our world will be filled with these environmentally-friendly cars that will not pollute the air. Hence, we will be able to enjoy the advantages of the car without having to put up with the disadvantages.

In conclusion, cars are an essential mode of transport and an important part of our everyday lives.

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