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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - It is important to make a large amount of money. Do you agree? – by Lim Soo Min, A-levels, HELP Institute

It is important to make a large amount of money. Do you agree? – by Lim Soo Min, A-levels, Taylor’s College

Are you satisfied with your life or do you want to have more money? These days, we can do most things if we are rich. For example, Bill Gates earns lots of money. He lives in a big house, he can satisfy his wants, he doesn’t have to worry about his old age and he helps poor people as well. These kinds of satisfaction are due to being wealthy. Therefore, I agree with the statement that it is very important to make a large amount of money. 

First of all, we can help poor people who need help if we are prosperous. There are many people who need help because of natural disasters, starvation or medical problems. We can help them by providing them food, clothes, shelter or medical materials but these require substantial funds. If we have the cash, we can help them by donating essentials to them. If people earn just for a comfortable life, they would not have enough to give to others. They can still help some of those who need help but they will experience a limit and have less opportunity than people with a lot of capital. Therefore, I would like to earn more money. 

Secondly, we would be less stressed by financial problems if we have a high income. Some people who only manage to make ends meet can suffer when they encounter ‘rainy days’. If we have a generous salary, it will be easier for us to save for emergency cases such as health problems or natural disasters. Moreover, we can enjoy a comfortable old age. On the other hand, people who earn less might get into trouble if they lose their job or fall sick. In addition, if we have extra money, we can plan for long, relaxing holidays. People who don’t make enough for holidays will get stressed out. This could result in illnesses in the long run. So I think having lots of money would be less stressful.

Lastly, it is necessary to be rich to have a comfortable lifestyle. For example, people who have the means can buy their own cars so they don’t have to use public transport. Moreover, wealthy people can employ others to do menial work such as cleaning, cooking or driving for them. This is good for them, especially women, because they can save time and have more leisure time to spend with their children or enjoy themselves. Furthermore, they can live in a big and nice house with their family. If they have children, they can provide their children with a better education, good food and lots of toys. Thus, I prefer to make a large amount of money.

In conclusion, it is preferable to make a large amount of money because people with lots of funds can help the needy, be more prepared for ‘rainy days’ and live more comfortably.

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