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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Martin Luther King – by Samuel Choi Myeong Woo, Grade 5, ISKL

Martin Luther King – by Samuel Choi Myeong Woo, Grade 5, ISKL

Martin Luther King was a freedom fighter for African Americans. During his lifetime, there was great inequality between the whites and the blacks. The blacks had no voice and no freedom. They were treated unfairly just because of their skin colour. Martin Luther King fought hard against this injustice. There are many reasons why I admire him.

Firstly, he fought hard for the rights of the blacks. His speeches were often attended by many people. One of his speeches, “I have a dream” is so inspiring that it is still remembered by people today. Because of his defiance, he was jailed more than twenty times. He was jailed so many times because of the things he organised to stop racism in America.

Secondly, I admire Martin Luther King because he won the Nobel Prize. This was because of the actions he took to end racism and to bring equality to the African Americans. He received about USD1.2million in prize money because of what he went through and because of the conflicts he faced for his cause. 

Thirdly, even though he disagreed with the whites, he didn’t use violence to fight for the freedom of the blacks. He used peaceful ways like the bus boycott, sit-ins, marches and speeches. The reason he used non-violent ways was because he was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. He liked the way of passive resistance.  

In conclusion, Martin Luther King was an admirable man because he fought for equality, a voice and freedom for the blacks. He also used non-violent ways to accomplish his goals.

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