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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - My Experience At A School Camp – by Ng Keane Jin, Standard 5, SJKC Serdang Baru 2

My Experience At A School Camp – by Ng Keane Jin, Standard 5, SJKC Serdang Baru 2

At 7am, I was standing outside my school gate. The wind was blowing into my ears, sending shivers down my spine. The prefects shot sinister looks at me. My legs were as stiff as ice. Leaves crackled under my shoes. Stepping through the gate, my every move was watched by the prefects. The auditorium doors creaked open and cold air blasted out of the doors. I plopped myself onto an empty seat right at the back of the auditorium. At that point, I had no idea whether to listen to the teacher rant on and on about nothing in particular or get scolded for falling asleep.

At 11am, the teacher finally stopped talking and there looks of relief on everyone’s faces. Stomachs rumbled like giant bells. The cafeteria that was as crammed as trying to fit a whale in a swimming pool. Everyone fought for food even though there was enough. Maybe they just wanted more. I ended up empty-bellied, about to die of starvation. Gradually, the cafeteria became noisier and noisier; everyone seemed to be talking. My head was spinning as I made my way to the toilet. Fortunately, the toilet was very quiet. I could hear water dripping and the doors of the toilet stalls creaking. Soon, it was time to gather in front of the auditoriums. The teachers arranged games for us to play. I was forced to play by a teacher with a smile as fake as counterfeit money.

We played games until bedtime but the end of the day was the beginning of chaos. There were giggling sounds in the room. Then, suddenly, there was an ear-piercing shriek. Sounds of heavy footsteps were getting closer and closer. Finally, the door creaked open but no one was there. We freaked out. Some of us were shivering. I felt fear in the air. I heard teeth chattering. Suddenly, the windows flung open. The wind blew fiercely at us. After a while, everything was still and we were out like candles. 

The next morning, we didn’t have any appetite for breakfast due to the scare the night before. My eyelids were drooping and I barely had the strength to move. The cafeteria was the total opposite to the noisy and cheerful cafeteria the day before. It had transformed into a cemetery and was as quiet as a library. I dragged my boulder-like feet to the auditorium. As I sat down, I saw that everyone asleep, with their heads on the tables. It felt like death was near. Suddenly, the teacher called out my name. Everyone stared at me. I felt really awkward. Actually, my mother had come to bail me out. As I walked out, everyone shot envious looks at me. I was sure they wanted to escape too. I was so relieved I wanted to kiss the ground, dance and sing.

My school camp was the worst camp ever. This was a lifelong lesson for me. I would never participate in a school camp again!

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