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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - Zombies – Jeon Chan Young, Grade 7, ISKL

Zombies – Jeon Chan Young, Grade 7, ISKL

My cousin said he was performing experiments to revive dead animals and humans. He said he was almost successful. That was when I realized the cat in his arms. It was black and curled up. Then I saw the cat’s face. I almost freaked out because the head was covered with green goo and protected with a jar-like cover. I was scared and I wanted to scream. Fortunately, I didn’t. I managed to ask my cousin where my room was. My cousin looked disappointed but he told me where the room was. I went into the room and looked around. The room was really clean and there were many cool things that I had never seen in my life. It was very attempting to touch them and that was when my cousin warned me not to touch the stuff in the room. As soon as my cousin left, I went to bed. I was exhausted and didn’t even have the energy to wash. I pulled the blanket over myself and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I heard weird noises from outside. I checked the clock and it was midnight so I was scared because in all the horror movies, the ghost or monster would come out at midnight. I was really scared.

That was when I saw a piece of meat thrown into my room. I freaked out and I was about to wet my pants. I knew it wasn’t right to go check but I went to check it out instinctively. When I got closer, I could smell something horrible. It smelled worse than my little brother’s diaper full of poop. I poked it with my finger and smelled my finger and I knew it was rotten flesh. When I looked up, I saw a red eyeballs staring straight into my eyes. The monster screamed and I blacked out. When I woke up the next morning, I was in my bed, Everything looked very normal in the room. I didn’t see anything unusual. I didn’t tell or ask my cousin about anything that happened. That day, I didn’t see the black cat. That night, I stole a knife from the kitchen to protect myself and I also put a torch beside me so I could fight in light. At the same time as the day before, I heard weird and disgusting noises. Then I saw a piece of rotten meat thrown into my room. I got my knife ready and one of my hands was ready to throw the torch. My heart started to pound as if it was going to burst. When the thing got closer, I slowly sat straight up and grabbed my knife. But when the thing appeared, I relaxed. All my muscles started cooling down. It was my cousin. He was at my doorway. I asked him what he was doing in front of my room and he said he was taking his dog for walk and on the way, he dropped a piece of meat for the dog to eat. That night I could sleep well. I felt really relaxed and at peace. That was when the peace broke. Something jumped on me and knocked me on the ground and I fainted. When I woke up, it was dark outside and something was not right. I was hanging upside down. I didn’t freak out that time. I carefully looked up expecting some kind of deformed monster to be there but there was nothing except for green goo, which was holding me up to the ceiling. I was about a few inches away from the floor. I was able to get my knife and a torch. I tried to cut the goo but it didn’t work. Instead, the knife got tangled. Now, I have lost the most important weapon to protect myself. That was when I saw the goo close to the torch melting. I placed my torch near the goo. Inch by inch, the goo started to melt. When I put the burning part of the torch to the goo, the goo caught fire and I was released.

My cousin came into the room. He didn’t seem to be surprised and I knew he wasn’t my cousin. I knew he was the monster which tried to kill me. I pointed the torch at him like a knife. I knew he couldn’t attack me because the monster is made of goo so it would also melt. I found one more torch but it wasn’t lit so I quickly lit it. I threw the torch at the monster. I always thought I was a very bad aim but the torch got buried deep into the monster’s chest and it screamed. I was expecting the monster to collapse and die but the monster ran towards me transforming back into its original form. I could see parts of its body falling off and melting. I was angry and I could feel myself going mad because I knew it did something to my cousin and I knew it was trying to kill me. Also, it ruined my holiday. So I threw a second torch into its head. The monster collapsed and turned into goo. I then started to look for my cousin. When I arrived at his room, I saw a letter which seemed to be for me. I opened the letter carefully and read it:

By the time you read this, I will have become a monster, which will try to kill you. I accidentally mixed the wrong chemical to the original chemical.l I will be something like goo. Please do not hesitate to destroy me when I attack you. This is only way to stop me. ……. Use fire…


I was shocked I had killed my loving cousin in such a cruel way. I went back to the room and placed the goo into a glass and burnt it in the fireplace with the letter he wrote. As the letter and the goo burnt away, John, my cousin disappeared from the world…

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