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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - Getting Lost, Lai Zhen Tao, Year 6, Fairview International School

Getting Lost, Lai Zhen Tao, Year 6, Fairview International School

On a sunny Friday, my friends, Harry and Su May, and I went on a field trip with my class to a forest. When we reached the forest, our teacher led the way along a path. Suddenly, Harry, Su May and I saw a beautiful parrot so we followed it. We tried to follow it quietly but Harry scared it and it flew away. It flew onto a signboard and sat there. However, it was too heavy and it turned the signboard upside down. The arrows were facing the wrong way. Unfortunately, we followed the arrows, went the wrong direction and were soon lost!

We didn’t know where we were so we decided to stay put and hoped that someone would find us. A few minutes later, we noticed that the bushes were moving. We hurriedly grabbed some long sticks from the ground and took out our toy guns. A man appeared from the bushes. He was a fat Chinese man and he had a shotgun. When the man saw us, we said, “Yay! We can go home now!”

The man told us that his name was Peter and he agreed to take us home but he kept on saying, “The forest is very dangerous! Always stay close to me!”

We walked and walked. The three of us were getting tired. We had a rest near a tree. Peter put his gun against the tree. It was so shady and cool under the tree. After a while, we were ready to start walking again. Peter went to get his gun but his gun was missing! Some guys appeared and they were holding the gun. I was hiding behind the tree. I took out my toy gun and aimed at the guy with the gun. He dropped the gun and all of them ran away.

We continued looking for a way out of the forest. We walked and walked until we saw a tent. We waited for the people to come back. When they finally came back, they gave us directions out of the jungle. Peter led the way.

We walked until we were tired and took another rest. While we were resting, we saw our teacher! We ran to him. When we finally got back home, we told our parents everything.

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