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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Essay - A Camping Trip – Byun Wan Joo, Year 7, Sayfol International School

A Camping Trip – Byun Wan Joo, Year 7, Sayfol International School

Last week, while I was on a camping trip with my classmates, I spotted a squirrel running away from us. Out of curiosity, I followed it. Unfortunately, I wandered too far. Before I knew it, I couldn’t see the campsite anymore. I tried to retrace my steps but it was impossible for me to remember which way I had come from.

At that time, I only had my watch and pocket knife with me. I knew I had only roughly an hour or so to return to the campsite or they would leave without me. I walked for a long time until I saw the campsite. The only problem was that there was a fast-flowing river between me and the campsite. It was strange as I couldn’t remember having crossed the river in the first place. I looked at my watch and saw that I only had about a quarter of an hour left to get back to the campsite.

I then spotted a dead tree lying across the river. The tree looked old and dark; it was also covered with parasites. I decided to use it to cross the river as it was my only chance. As I was crossing the river, step by step, a crackling sound began to be heard. Before I knew it, the tree broke in half and I was sent flying into the river. The river was fast and there were huge boulders in it. And then a roaring sound began to frighten me. As the roaring became louder, towards the horizon, I could spot a huge waterfall at the end of the river.

I panicked for a moment, but then I saw a vine hanging from a tree. I knew I had only one chance to grab it. Now, I had only less than a minute. I launched myself and hoped that I would catch it. As I opened my eyes, I saw myself dangling from the vine of the tree. From where I was, I could see how deep the waterfall was.

I then climbed down to safety and sprinted to the campsite. As I was approaching the campsite, I noticed that it was very quiet. When I reached the campsite, I saw that everyone had left. I stood there crying for a moment. Then a strong, husky voice spoke to me, asking if I was lost. I looked up and saw a ranger in his uniform. Eventually, he gave me a ride home.

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