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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Student Essay 9: A Plane Crash by Daniel Le Tae Kyung, Year 4, Sayfol International School

A Plane Crash by Daniel Lee Tae Kyung, Year 4, Sayfol

I was very excited about my first plane ride and my father said, “If you do not cry, I’ll buy you a big present.” I was feeling very hungry so once we had put our bags on the conveyor belt, we looked for a restaurant to have lunch at. After lunch, we went through immigration and the officers checked us with metal-detectors.

We proceeded to the waiting room. While waiting, my sister and I played Nintento. When I got onto the plane, I realized that we had been upgraded to first class. I could not believe my eyes. There were only rich people there and there were two floors. It was a wonderful place. After the plane took off, I slept for an hour. Suddenly, I woke up because of a loud noise.

The plane was going down very quickly! When I looked out of the window, I saw a tall building right in front of the plane! I was very afraid and I prayed to God to save us. The pilot swerved the plane to the right but the building was too close. The plane was falling! The air-stewardess gave the passengers a parachute each. When all the passengers had put on their parachutes, she pushed a red button.

The exit door opened. The air-stewardess said, “Jump!” In mid-air, I pulled the cord on my parachute and it flew open. I thanked God for having spared my life. When I looked down, I felt very scared. I closed my eyes and landed on a heliport on top of a tall building.

The country which we had landed on was Russia. My mother said she would not travel by plane again so we had to take a train all the way back to Korea. My sister and I, like my mother, were nervous about flying but my father didn’t seem to mind at all. The next year, we flew to the States and lived in New York.

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