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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Class 15: Writing a Radio Broadcast

Class 15: Writing a Radio Broadcast

This has only been asked once in the O level exam. The structure is quite simple:

In the first paragraph, greet your listeners, introduce yourself and tell them why you on air. You can usually be quite friendly and informal on radio.

In the second paragraph, impart the details of your message. Make sure that you are conversational and interesting, not too dry and merely packed with information .

In the final paragraph, conclude by thanking your listeners and telling them what action they should take and where they could get more information.

Assignment 15

1. Write a radio broadcast to inform the general public about an event in town.

2. Write a radio broadcast to tell the public your progress as a scientist in the development of a new kind of medicine.

3. Write a radio broadcast tell advertise a new product.

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