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Monday, March 22, 2010

Student Essay 22: My friend, by Catty Cho Ye Eun

My friend, by Catty Cho Ye Eun, Year 2, Cempaka International School

I had a friend called Fornitina. One day, I called my friend, Cany, on my house phone but she did not answer. I heard a sound from my cell phone. It was Fornitina. I quickly hung up the house phone and answered my cell phone. I was very happy because my best friend was calling me.

Fornitina said to me, “I am very sick.”

I was very worried and I said, “What? Where is your mother?”

She said, “She has gone out.”

“I will call your mum,” I said. I was very worried and I walked around the house. I ran to the telephone and called Fornitina’s mum. I told her that Fornitina was very sick and her mum was also very worried. In the house, Fornitina vomited and was in pain.

Fornitina’s mum went home and she was even more worried because Fornitina looked like she was going to die. It was because her mother didn’t go home quickly enough. Her mother brought her to hospital and she went into the surgery room. Fornitina was very scared.

The doctor said she was in danger. Fornitina’s mother and I were too worried to look at Fornitina’s face. We waited for a long time outside the surgery room. We prayed.

Finally, the door of surgery room opened and the doctor came out. He was smiling. He said, “Your daughter is very healthy now.” We were so happy. We hugged Fornitina.

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