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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Student Essay 21: The college years are the best time in a person’s life. Do you agree? By Anonymous, Taylor’s College

The college years are the best time in a person’s life. Do you agree? By Anonymous, Taylor’s College

Have you ever seen how Korean students live? In Korea, college students live like zombies. They study till one o’clock in the morning and then wake up at 4 or 5 o’clock to reserve a seat at the library. Some students even sleep in the library to complete the mountain of work given to them. They do not have weekends off either. Therefore, in my opinion, the college years are definitely not the best time in a person’s life as students are often worried about their future, they study too much and many of them also face financial problems.

First of all, as soon they get into college, students start worrying about getting a job after graduation. When they say they are worried about their future, they usually refer to job prospects rather than other issues such as marriage. This is because the unemployment rate is very high in Korea, especially among young graduates. Having obtained a degree, they expect to get job offers but this often does not happen. To be in a better position to get jobs, they participate actively in extra-curricular activities and pursue internships. However, this does not guarantee them success when seeking employment. Thus, college students do not enjoy their lives due to anxiety about their future.

Moreover, college students suffer from having a huge amount of assignments. They get stressed because of their studies and non-academic related activities such as obtaining a certificate in computer literacy. The volume of their work is extremely daunting. In addition, students in Korea are very competitive so they are constantly trying to be more prepared than their peers. Because of that, students do not have time for other things such as socializing or travelling. This makes relationships between classmates very cold as they see each other as rivals rather than friends. This competitive culture is becoming more intense this generation. Hence, over-studying reduces the quality of life of college students.

Besides, some students have difficulty paying their tuition because tuition increases substantially every year in Korea. Within the last ten years, the inflation rate in Korea was about 34 per cent. However, college tuition has increased by 130 per cent and scholarships are given mainly to well-performing students rather than those who need financial aid. Thus, some students have to work at part-time jobs to make ends meet and they may lose out as they have to allocate time away from studying. These students’ parents are also under a great deal of pressure to provide for their children’s education and this situation sometimes leads to social problems. Some parents blame themselves and some have even been known to commit crimes or suicide. Therefore, exorbitant tuition stresses both parents and students.

In conclusion, college years are definitely not the best time in a person’s life because students are full of anxiety about their future and they are under very high pressure to study all the time. Unfortunately, some of them face financial problems as well. However, the college years are the most important time in a person’s life because they will learn many new skills and obtain important knowledge that will shape their futures.

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