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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Student Essay 13: A Frog? by Choi Seo Yun

A frog? By Choi Seo Yun, Grade 4, ISKL

“Is it true?” I laughed.

“He really changed into a frog!” my best friend, Diana, insisted.

“I’ll never believe that!” I said.

Later, I saw a man selling a cute, colorful frog. I really wanted to have it. I knew my mother would be angry but I bought it anyway. Then I went home.

I was so happy and excited. Fortunately, nobody was at home. I loved the frog because I loved all animals, even lizards and worms. I pretended to kiss the frog but accidentally, I really kissed it! “Oh no, I kissed a frog!” I couldn’t believe it. “It is a dream,” I kept telling myself. I couldn’t tell my mother about what happened. Suddenly, I started jumping around the house. I thought, “What on earth am I doing? Why am I jumping around like this?”

It was time for dinner. I was so hungry because I didn’t have breakfast or lunch that day. There was a fly in the house and looking at it made my mouth water. My family wasn’t at home and the table was too high so I couldn’t get to the food. “How did the table get so high?” I wondered and realized that I had turned into a frog! I was so hungry, but I couldn’t eat a fly! I knew how dirty flies were and I was still a human being after all. But I was starving! What should I do?

Reluctantly, I decided to eat the fly. It was hard to catch. I pretended that I was sleeping. When the fly sat beside me, my tongue zipped out and caught it. It didn’t taste that bad. Maybe it was because I was a frog. Suddenly I changed back into a human being. I was so surprised.
Knock, knock! It was my mother!

“Where were you? I was looking all over for you! I told you to go over to Diana’s house, didn’t I?” yelled my mother.

“Oh yes, I forgot. I’m so sorry,” I apologized.

“And why are you in such a mess?” my mother asked.

“Well, it is a long story … “ I replied.

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