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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Student Essay 14: The Poor and the Rich by Lee Yong Seok

The Poor and the Rich by Lee Yong Seok, Grade 3, ISKL

“Please give us some money,” said the poor man, very sadly. I gave him a lot of money so he had no more money problems. One day, a burglar came to the bank where I worked. He took all the money in the bank. However, he police tracked him down.

I used to be rich but I became middle-class because I gave too much money to the poor. The next day, the prices of stocks went down really fast. I became bankrupt! Five days later, I got sick but I couldn’t go the hospital. I checked my wallet but my credit card was not there. I had been robbed. I gasped.

A few days later, I became a beggar and I was begging in front of Ampang Point. I couldn’t eat for nine days because I had no money. I was starving so I started to eat the leftovers I found at the fast-food restaurants. Everyone was unhappy to see me. My footsteps were muddy and made people leave. Two months later, it was winter. I walked through the white, cold, shiny snow. “Brr!” Little white stuff fell on me. I was tired. There was a bench. I had a nap on it. The temperature was minus twenty degrees. It was very cold.

I dreamed I went to a mountain. I found a four-leaved clover. It was a miracle. It meant I was lucky. Then I woke up. The next day, I bought a lottery with the little money that I had saved. I had the winning ticket! The person in charge said that I had won a million dollars! Thanks to the clover, I became rich again. I was really happy. I got my job, my house and my status back. I wore elegant clothes.

I ran as fast as a cheetah to my friends. They were happy to see me. We had a party and we went shopping together. I was never a beggar again. I was happy but I wished I was even richer!

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