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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Student Essay 12: Causes of Obesity, by Jake Sun Jung Won, Grade 4, ISKL

Causes of Obesity by Jake Sun Jung Won, Grade 4, ISKL

I have a really fat friend. His name is Ariq. He is about fifty kilograms and he is really big. He is the same age as me but he is a lot bigger than I am. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming overweight. There are many causes of obesity.

Firstly, eating unhealthy food causes obesity. In particular, fat people eat a lot of junk food. They eat lots of unhealthy and oily snacks like french fries. Moreover, they don’t eat healthy food like vegetables or fruits. They also eat candies and drink lots of fizzy drinks that are full of sugar. In particular, fat people eat lots of fast food especially hamburgers. Some of them can eat up to five or six hamburgers a day! Hamburgers and french fries are very oily so you shouldn’t them too often.

Secondly, not exercising causes obesity. Not exercising includes not going out and staying at home all the time. If you play computer or video games all day, you will become fat. Ariq never goes to the playground because he doesn’t want to move or sweat so he always goes to the library, sits down on a cushion and just reads books. If you just sit down all day, you body will become fatter and fatter.

Thirdly, genetic reasons can also cause obesity. Having fat parents can be the reason a person is fat. Having fat grandparents can also mean that you got ‘fat’ genes from them. For instance, Ariq doesn’t have fat parents but his grandparents are fat so he is fat. In addition, if your parents eat unhealthily, you will learn the same bad habits from them. So having a healthy family is important if you want to be healthy.

Those are the reasons why people become fat. If you are fat, it is unfortunate because you cannot move fast like a thin person can. If you have a fat family, you have to be really careful so that you won’t be fat like them.

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