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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Student Essay 11: The Land of the Giants by Sunny Lee seo Yeong, Grade 3, ISKL

The Land of the Giants by Sunny Lee Seo Yeong, Grade 3, ISKL

Once upon a time, there was a boy. His name was Luck. One day, Luck made a plane for himself. He was very happy. He sat down in his plane and flew around town. Then, he started to fly further and further. Then the plane landed. It was very foggy. He could not see anything. It was all white.

Suddenly, he felt something move in front of him. It was big. Then the ground started to shake. Then it stopped moving and the fog went away. Luck hid behind his plane and saw what it was. It was big. It was smelly. It had a big nose and it was ugly. It was a giant and it was standing right in front of Luck! Luck ran as fast as he could. The giant followed him. Luck had to run faster. In front of him, he saw another giant. It was bigger than the first one. And then there were four more giants. They almost caught Luck.

The giants were right behind him. Luck was almost back to his plane. The biggest giant stepped on it. Luck was going to climb a tall tree but the second giant chopped it down. Luck wanted to jump into a deep river but the third giant drank all the water up. So he rushed down the train track. He was really tired. He was getting hungry too. He didn’t like the giants. Then he saw a train go past. He jumped onto the train but it was heading towards a rock. Luck quickly jumped off the train.

He started to run. The smallest giant got him. The little giant pulled his hair and then tossed him away. Luck screamed. The giant screamed too. The biggest giant took the baby giant in his arms and said, “Hello!” Luck screamed again. He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, the biggest giant picked him up and tossed him away again. Luck was flying through the air. Then he fell onto a haystack.

Luck lived on a farm. Luck’s father was feeding the horses some hay. He said, “Oh, there you are, Luck. Where have you been?”

Luck said, “I was flying my plane.”

Luck’s mother was making lunch. Luck’s mother said, “You are just in time for lunch, Luck!” so Luck went back inside.

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