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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Class 7: Writing Leaflets

Class 7: Writing Leaflets

Leaflets are printed sheets of paper that provide information. If you are asked to write a leaflet in the exam, follow the format below:

TOPIC (What is your leaflet about? What information are you providing?)

Introduce the topic of your leaflet before writing the different subheadings below.

Subheading 1 (Think about how you would like to organise your leaflet)

Write a short paragraph under your subheadings. Each paragraph should not be too long as people usually do not have the patience to read lengthy passages when they are browsing through a leaflet. Make sure that your paragraph is short and concise.

Subheading 2

You can have as many subheadings as you want but remember that you are only allowed to write up to 220 words in your exam, so if you have 4 subheadings, you can only write about a 50-word paragraph after each subheading.

Subheading 3

I recommend a range of between 2-4 subheadings depending on the topic of the exam. If you are asked to write a leaflet to inform tourists about the different attractions in Kuala Lumpur, you may want to have 4 subheadings - historical buildings, shopping centres, parks and golf courses.

Remember to end your leaflet by giving an address or telephone number of someone or an organisation to contact should they need more information or advice.

Assignment 7

1. Write a leaflet to inform parents of the different art programmes available in your art school.

2. Write a leaflet to warn the general public about the H1N1 virus.

3. Write a leaflet to the students in your school to tell them about Down Syndrome.

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