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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Class 6: Writing Magazine Articles

Class 6: Writing Magazine Articles

The format of a magazine article, for exam purposes, is simpler than that for a newspaper article:


The first paragraph is the introduction. Like the newspaper article, it should briefly give the reader an idea what the article is about. Unlike the newspaper article, you are not limited to one sentence. If you writing about 'Sports Day' for your school magazine, you will want to write about when and where it took place.

The second paragraph provides the details. Write about all different event in chronological order but don't make your writing dry and boring. Highlight some points of interest. For example, if you are writing about 'Sports Day', you may want to highlight the race between teachers and students. Your writing will be more interesting if you able to inject some humour into it! You can also include some of your own opinions and emotions.

The concluding paragraph sums up the article. If you are writing about 'Sports Day', you could comment about the success of the event.

Assignment 6:

Write a magazine article on one of the following:

1. A famous movie star who came to your country to promote a new movie.

2. A speaker who came to your school to talk about road safety.

3. A new product being introduced in the market that can radically slow down the aging process.

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