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Monday, July 20, 2009

Class 1 - Introduction to 'O' level writing

Introduction to 'O' Level Writing

This section will be dealing with "O" level writing - specifically that of Section B of the exam paper. In this section, you will learn to write letters (both formal and informal), articles (for newspapers or magazines), leaflets/pamphlets, reports, speech, dialogue/interview, diary/journal, advice, reported speech, debate and broadcast.

All of these have different structures and degrees of formality because of differences in purpose and audience. For example, the purpose of a leaflet may be to encourage people to take more exercise and the audience may be working people. The purpose of a speech may be to enlighten people about the greenhouse effect and the audience may be teenagers. These differences determine how formally you have to write and what structure you should use.

I would like to start today's lesson by asking you to do the following assignment ...

Assignment 1: Determining Purpose and Audience

Think about different purposes and audiences these pieces of writing can have:

1. Letter

2. Article

3. Leaflet

4. Report

5. Speech

6. Dialogue

7. Advice

8. Radio broadcast

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