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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Class 2: Friendly Letters

Class 2: Writing Friendly Letters

Friendly letters are also called informal letters. These are letters you write to your friends or family. The format for a friendly letter is as follows:

Your Address


Dear ................... ,

The first paragraph of the letter should state the purpose of the letter i.e. why are you writing? For example, you may be writing home to tell your parents how you are getting on in a foreign country. Or you may be writing to a friend to tell him or her about a recent trip.

The second paragraph of the letter contains the details of your message. If you are writing to your parents to tell them how you are getting on, you should include details about your school life, your friends and so on in this paragraph. If you writing to your friend to talk about your trip, you should include details about where you went, what you did and so on.

The third paragraph is the concluding paragraph and should be short. Thank your recipient for reading your letter, wish them well and include any final messages here.

With love/Your friend/Best wishes/etc,
- Your signature here -

Assignment 2

Choose one of the following to do:

1. Write a letter to your your penpal to tell him/her about an accident you were involved in.

2. Write a letter to your grandmother to tell her about what is going on in your life.

3. Write a letter to your best friend who has migrated to the UK to tell him/her about the changes in your school.

4. Write a letter to your parents, whom you are not living with, to ask them for permission to attend a party.

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