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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tutorial 9 - Revising

Tutorial 9 - Revising

When you have finished your essay, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does my thesis statement answer the question and tell my readers what my essay is about?

2. Is my hook interesting?

3. Does my background information connect my hook to my thesis statement? Do my ideas flow smoothly in the introductory paragraph?

4. Do my topic sentences answer the question and tell my readers what my paragraphs are about?

5. Are my supporting sentences related to the topic sentence?

6. Do my concluding sentences restate my topic sentences?

7. Does my main conclusion restate my thesis statement?

8. Have I summarised my three main points in my concluding paragraph?

9. Have I included an opinion / prediction / comment / warning / hope / suggestion in my concluding paragraph?

10. Have I written in a formal style rather than conversational style?

11. Have I used a wide variety of vocabulary or have I been repetitious with certain words / expressions?

12. Is my writing concise or have I been too wordy?

Always revise and edit your essay before turning it in!

Homework 9a

Follow the above steps to revise an essay you have recently written.

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