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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lesson 5: Characterization 2


Remember to describe your main characters. You will not have enough time to describe your characters in too much detail but you should attempt to describe them briefly in these 3 stages :

1. Physical appearance - What do they look like?

Forget the boring details that make them look like everyone else.

Example - he is of medium height and medium built. He has black hair and black eyes. He is neither handsome nor ugly.


Focus instead on the details that make them unusual.

Example - one of his legs was shorter than the other so he walked with a slight limp.

More interesting?:)

2. Characteristic Behaviour - How do they talk, walk, eat, etc?

Example - He rushed through everything in life. When he talked, he spat out words so quickly he sounded like a machine gun and when he walked, he looked like some clockwork robot with an urgent mission at hand.

3. Impressions of Personality

This is what I've mentioned in Lesson 4. Try to show the personality of the characters through their actions, words or thoughts.

For example, a kind boy may help an old woman across the street. A naughty boy may play pranks on his teachers. And so on.

Have fun building your characters! :)


Think of a character and describe him or her in the 3 stages mentioned above.

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