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Sunday, February 8, 2009



Next, you will need to think about the characters. How many main characters will there be in your story (don't forget to give them names) and what are their personalities?

A character can be - brave, cowardly, wise, gullible, kind, cruel, clever, silly, arrogant, humble, friendly, competitive, curious, skeptical, bossy, meek and the list goes on.

What is important to remember is:

1. The characters in your story should have different personalities to make your story interesting.

2. Do not create stereotypical characters.

For example, do grandmothers always have to be old and enjoy baking? Wouldn't be more interesting if they were sexy and enjoy building bikes?

Homework 4

Create a non-stereotypical characterization for:

1. A millionaire

2. A robber

3. A teacher

4. a young child

I will continue to talk about characterization in the next lesson so do keep posted!

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