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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Oh Yeon Taek, Year 9, Sayfol International School - The Unexpected Gift

Oh Yeon Taek, Year 9, Sayfol International School

The Unexpected Gift

Daniel was a university graduate. Nowadays, many people had difficulty getting a job. Although Daniel graduated successfully, he was not able to get a job as he kept failing the employment tests. He lived with his parents for a long time. At last, he left his parents’ home and decided to live on his own because he felt sorry for his parents.

With a part-time job, he earned just enough money to live on. One day, he returned home from work and saw a white box with a piece of paper on it. The box had a few holes in it. It moved and shook as Daniel went closer to it. When he opened it, he saw a puppy which swung its tail and jumped on him. Daniel didn’t like dogs as he was afraid of animals and he knew they would leave fur all around the house. However, he was kind enough to keep it in his house.

Daniel named the puppy ‘Dan’ and fed it with love. Every time he came home, Dan wagged its tail and spun around Daniel to welcome him. Daniel started to realise how wonderful dogs were. A month later, Dan suddenly acted strangely and barked at Daniel with a painful expression. Daniel applied for a holiday and took care of Dan. Daniel took Dan to see a vet and realized that Dan had a huge lump in its body. The operation could be fatal for Dan. Daniel was in a dilemma.

Daniel cogitated for a week but he couldn’t bear Dan’s painful expression and didn’t want to observe its painful condition anymore. Dan’s operation took three hours. That was the longest three hours in Daniel’s life as it felt endless. He couldn’t stay still due to anxiety. At last, the operation was complete. Dan was fine. Daniel decided to become a vet so that he could help other animals like Dan. Daniel’s parents were very proud of him. 

Dan was an unexpected gift from an unknown person. Nobody expected Dan to be in a fatal condition. However, Dan became an unexpected gift that made Daniel an animal lover. Dan also gave him an amazing profession. Daniel would always be grateful to Dan.

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