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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Lee Ji Hwan, Year 6, Taylor’s International School - Peter’s Junkyard

Lee Ji Hwan, Year 6, Taylor’s International School

Peter’s Junkyard

There is a boy called Peter who is my friend from school. Most people do not believe him when he tells them that he has a really amazing junkyard. Some believe him because he showed them a picture of his junkyard. I like him but I am not sure if he lying or telling the truth. I would like to visit his junkyard. This is what he tells me about it. 

Firstly, there are many cool things in his junkyard. There are heaps of beautiful clothes. They are very unique and colourful. They are clothes that you cannot buy from the shops, like clothes from the 1800s. Moreover, he has lots of cool toys. They are toys that you cannot find anywhere else. I would love to have one of them. If you can find them anywhere else, they would be so expensive that you would not be able to afford them.

Secondly, the junkyard is smelly. There are loads of old socks. The pile of old socks looks like Mount Everest. It smells like dog crap. I think that if I visit his junkyard, I will go home smelling bad. It makes one want to puke. Furthermore, there are heaps of unwashed clothes. He tells me that there is rotting mashed potato on some of the clothes. My nose will be filled with the smell of rotting food if I go there.

Thirdly, many people visit his junkyard. His friends and relatives often visit his junkyard. They want to get useful things from him, but they want them for free. Sometimes, I wish I was a relative of his so I can get free things from him. Some of his friends want to buy his things, like an old nerf gun people have never seen before. They think it is good or stylish. Most of his things are old but very stylish.

In conclusion, I want to visit Peter’s junkyard so badly. I want to get some stuff for free from him. I wish he would show me a photo of his junkyard so that I can be sure that he is telling the truth. I hope he will take me there one day.

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