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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Lee Gyu Min, Year 11, Tenby International School - Into the Wilderness

Lee Gyu Min, Year 11, Tenby International School

Into the Wilderness

It seemed a few hours had passed. Greenish views welcomed me as I slowly opened my eyes. I was more than 30 feet high, hanging on a tree with a fully opened parachute. I tried to recall what had happened and where I was.

“3, 2, 1, jump!” I realized that I was doing my first skydiving above the vast, beautiful ocean. I was full of excitement when I was free falling. However, fear soon came to me. I was supposed to open the parachute at a certain altitude but it didn’t open as planned. I fell down from the sky as fast as a bullet. I tried to pull out the emergency parachute but it didn’t work either. I could see the vast sea even more closely. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind threw me up in the sky and I fainted at the impact. Simultaneously, the parachute miraculously opened and the wind carried me to a mysterious island.
I tried to remove my parachute but the rope on the parachute tied my legs like a chain. So I decided to take out my sharp, shiny knife from inside my emergency bag and cut the ropes around my body. When I had cut the last rope, I was released from the top of the giant tree down into the deep, dark wilderness.

The jungle was very dark because the tall trees blocked the sunlight with their huge leaves. I was an ant compared to nature. A moment of exclamation passed. I started to walk to a higher place where I would be able to see the landscape of the place and find a way to escape. Fortunately, I wasn’t injured but starvation and thirst came to me all of a sudden, dominating my body. Suddenly, I could hear the howl of a mysterious species from the bushes. Fear came to me as fast as light. My steps became faster and sweat fell from all over my body like raindrops. Strange insects got stuck onto my sticky body and unusual plants surrounded me like an army. Finally, I reached the top of a mountain and the sight of the vast sky welcomed me.

As soon as I reached the top, I looked around at the landscape. Unfortunately, it was an isolated island. I was desperate, because nothing was on this lonely island except for its indigenous fauna and flora. Suddenly, grey smoke appeared from the horizon towards to island. I shouted for joy. However, that was a terrible mistake. When I shouted out loudly, the roars of wild animals became louder. I froze like ice. Suddenly, the roars ended. However, the silence did not last long. Out of the blue, a rough, wild predator jumped out of the bushes. It looked like a small tiger but was still big. Its fur was grey and its red eyes glowed in rage. I rushed down the mountain as fast as I could towards the direction where the smoke appeared.

I dashed through the jungle. Sharp thorns cut my skin several times but I couldn’t feel the pain. I used all my energy to run down the steep wilderness. I could hear footsteps behind me, close enough to touch my back. Finally, the beach appeared within my sight. I rushed out to the beach and I could see the gigantic ship coming towards me. Suddenly, the howls of the monstrous animal came out from the jungle and it rushed onto the beach. Without any hesitation, I jumped into the salty sea and swam towards the ship. I swam away from the beach and it couldn’t catch up with me. Thankfully, the ship saw me and rescued me. It was an unforgettable experience in the wilderness.

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