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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Student Essay - Bae Eu Jin, Year 8, Sri Utama International School - Would you prefer an exciting life or a comfortable one?

Bae Eu Jin, Year 8, Sri Utama International School

Would you prefer an exciting life or a comfortable one?

Excitement is a mixture of enthusiasm, motivation, intuition and a hint of creativity. It could defend one against illnesses, especially depression. People need excitement in their lives. An exciting life is fun and interesting. Without some excitement and adventure, life would be very boring. There would be no reason to live. In my opinion, an exciting life is better than a comfortable one because it is healthier, we can feel a sense of achievement and it is more educational.

First of all, we would be healthier with an exciting life. There are several reasons for this. If we live in a comfortable house and have a structured life, we would probably develop illnesses. This is because we would eat rich food and sit on the sofa watching television all day. We would lose our muscles and become fat. On the other hand, having adventures will help both our mental and physical health. We will go outdoors and participate in challenging activities such as mountain climbing or marathon running that will keep us fit. Therefore, we need motivation to keep ourselves in good condition.

Besides, we can enjoy a sense of achievement if we have an exciting life. That is because we have a goal to fulfil. For example, if our aim was to scale Mount Everest, that would be our goal and we would work hard for it. If and when achieved, that feeling of achievement is indescribable. When we have such happy times, we would take pictures and videos to help us keep the memories and prolong that feeling of satisfaction and pride. We would live without regrets because we lived life to the fullest without holding back. We have done the things we wanted to do. Thus, this feeling of accomplishment is what an exciting life offers. 

Last but not least, living an exciting life is more educational. When we feel safe, we don’t want to hear anything about anyone else’s problems. However, we should know what is going on around the world. We need to know about social issues so that we can avoid repeating past mistakes and also help those who are in need. We also need to experience problems so that we will learn to overcome them. Hence, an exciting life can help us gain more knowledge.

In conclusion, excitement is more important than comfort because it is more beneficial to our health, conducive to our goals and informative. I hope that everyone will enjoy some degree of excitement in their lives. 

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