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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Trapped – by Lucky Im Si Hyun, Year 9, REAL International School

Trapped – by Lucky Im Si Hyun, Year 9, REAL International School

“Again, the boy has returned,” I thought. The shriek of the metal door beat against my eardrums. The tiny boy, shivering from the cold approached me as I opened my eyes lazily. He tossed the white hare into my locked cage and started to chatter. He sat down bravely on the chilly ground in front of me. I devoured the hare leg as I stared into the deep-black eyes of the boy. Deep inside his eyes, I could see loneliness and warmth. As I gazed into his eyes, he smiled at me lightly.

The next morning, I heard unusual and numerous footsteps. A stout man, accompanied by two paunchy men, was carrying several cages containing familiar faces. They were trembling in fear and looking at me for help. Then they men shut the door loudly. I blinked my golden eyes. After a few hours, the boy came rushing to me with worry written all over his face. I yawned and stretched to show him that I was fine. A smile suddenly brightened his face. He started to chatter again, but not in the way he usually did. The tone was serious. I knew what he was saying. He was concerned that I would disappear just as the others did. “Only you and I are left,” I pondered. I moved slightly towards him but the chain prevented me from going any further. 

It was no good. The moon light slanted over me and woke me up. There was no sound except for the sound of the boy’s footsteps. The steps were hastier than usual. He rushed to me after opening the door in silence. He unlocked my cage rapidly with his trembling hands. As the boy opened the heavy, rusty door, my heart bounced with vigour. I jumped out of the cage and dashed out of the deserted room with him. A few seconds later, we both froze. We heard a car driving towards us. The dazzling light shone at us as we dashed hurriedly away. I could hear my heart beating so hard that my eardrums hurt. My mind went crazy and my legs screamed with energy. I howled as loudly as I could. I was free! Bang! Then there was sudden silence. 

The stout man was smoking and aiming his gun at the boy. He reloaded the gun. My eyes widened as another flash of light appeared at the head of the gun. The boy moaned in pain. Then he fell onto the ground. My instinct sensed danger and urged me to run away. However, my heart was stinging as the boy moaned. I smelled blood, smoke and danger from the direction of the boy. I dashed at the plump man and bit his tender thigh. He screamed in sudden agony. He went mad and shot me. The boy pleaded with tears for me to escape. It was no use. My body had become out of my control.

The man returned to the old wooden cottage leaving us behind. The boy was weeping and holding my cold body in his arms. I stared into his eyes and growled softly at him to show him I was alright. He smiled and embraced me. Time seemed to have stopped. I felt snow on my muzzle. It was snowing the same way it did when I was trapped and met this boy. I dropped my face over his chest one final time.

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