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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Shipwrecked – by Brian Sin Seong Tag, Year 7, Sayfol International School

Shipwrecked – by Brian Sin Seong Tag, Year 7, Sayfol International School

It was a bright and sunny day. We were in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We were traders. My co-workers and I were very good at commerce. We were going to Iran. Suddenly, it started to rain. The night before, I had had a bad dream, so I had a bad feeling that something untoward might happen.

While it was raining, the wind was blowing strongly. It was thundering as loudly as lions roaring and the waves looked like they might swallow the ship. We turned to the left where the water was shallower and safer, and there was an island called Chukaban. It was our first time having this experience. We prayed to God for help. We begged. But God did not help us. The weather got worse by the minute. When we were heading to the west, a huge wave struck us. It was a disaster. We were quickly pushed to the east. Another wave hit us and our ship broke into pieces. We jumped into the water and started to swim.

When we opened our eyes, we saw that we were on the shore of an island. I prayed to God to thank him that I was alive. There were only six of us who survived. Day by day, we got more thirsty and hungry. We felt like we were almost dead on the third day. We stood up to go find some water. Suddenly, I felt something behind me. When I turned round, I saw that there was a ship on the sea! All six of us were so delighted. But the ship just passed us! We panicked. We might never see another ship. We tried everything we could to catch the attention of the ship. I used a mirror to reflect light towards them and show them our location. Finally, they saw us and the ship changed its direction towards us. 

We were saved and we thanked the captain of the ship profusely. He was a good man. He gave us meals, clothes and rooms. We all arrived home with tears of happiness. The captain became my good friend.

I felt sorry for my friends who were buried under the sea. This event taught us to always be careful.

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