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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Perhentian Island – by Alex Yun Jae Won, Year 9, REAL International School

Perhentian Island – by Alex Yun Jae Won, Year 9, REAL International School

Do you like to sit on a white sandy beach feeling a mild sunshine on your body while watching blue waves splashing onto the beach? Do you like marine life? Do you want to have a morning jog in the mountains? If you do, you would definitely enjoy going to Perhentian Island. It is such a great place, where human and nature are one! 

To begin with, Perhentian is an island where you can see all sorts of marine life. I had the chance to see and touch some sea turtles and swim with them. I found them while I was snorkelling. They were about three metres below sea level. They looked so comfortable and relaxed, like me eating snacks on my bed. They looked so peaceful at that depth where I can’t stand. At Perhentian, you don’t have to go deep to see marine life. Just by the beach, you will find a variety of fishes. There are so many types of fishes and you don’t even need to go underwater to see them. It is because the water is really clear. You’ll see them even if you are not in the water with your goggles on. 

Secondly, it is very relaxing and peaceful on the island. The place is really green and blue. The island is almost totally lush green. We are surrounded by mountains covered with trees. We can hear birds and insects singing as one. When we sit on the beach and watch the waves, the feeling is amazing. The sea is emerald blue and when the sun reflects on it, it’s really shiny and beautiful. Of course, the best time to enjoy the scenery is during sun set. Perhentian is also peaceful because there not many kids running around and shouting. There are many married and old couples on the island enjoying a peaceful time. It is a place you can really take a good rest. You can also find a find where you can have a massage. You will really like Perhentian, where you can rest sitting and watching the waves, hear the waves and seagulls and enjoy the scenery of the sea. 

Finally, I also loved the design of the resort. It is quite a small house but it is really comfortable. I think it’s because of the cosiness and rustic design. The house is made of logs and it feels vintage. Moreover, the surrounding of the room made me sleep really well. I want my dream house to be just like this. Although it is not a big house, the features matched the environment very well. It is like a house in the Rocky Mountain Range. I felt so relaxed because of the beautiful resort and environment.

In conclusion, Perhentian is a place you can’t experience fully just by hearing about it. You will have to go there to know what it is really like. It is a paradise you can relax and enjoy yourself. If you have not planned where to go for your next holiday, I definitely recommend that you go to Perhentian Island!

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