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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - An Exciting and Enjoyable Party – by Choi Bu Yong, Year 10, Sayfol International School

An Exciting and Enjoyable Party – by Choi Bu Yong, Year 10, Sayfol International School

As the sun glided down the horizon, I could feel my heart beating in my ribcage. Never had I felt this excited before. It was the day I could show my hidden talent. My feet were dancing by themselves and I couldn’t stop humming. I picked out the best clothes I had - my dark brown jeans and a bright red silk shirt. I was ready to enjoy the thrilling party!

As I opened the main gate of the party hall, I could feel that the hall was filled with heat and passion. I calmed down my trembling heart and moved forward step by step until I reached the centre of the main hall. I raised my hand in the air to get the attention of everyone. I was right. Everyone stopped dancing and watched me. At first, I regretted my action but on the other hand, I enjoyed the unstoppable excitement. My heart started to beat furiously again. Numerous pairs of eyes concentrated on me and I could feel that my body was becoming hotter and hotter like well-cooked rice. Then I just left my body to the beat of the music.

At the beginning, I moved my body only a little but as the music went on, my steps became faster and faster. I felt as if my heart was sealed with some unknown energy. I could hardly bear it anymore as my heart was pumping as if it was going to burst. At the same time, the music went up to a climax. The unknown seal which covered my heart broke. Without thinking, I became a passionate dancer. My body was totally controlled by the beat and I could hear people shouting and cheering. Some of them were dancing along with me. When I was dancing, I felt like I was out of my mind. I was unable to control myself.

I stopped my movements after realising that my shirt was drenched in sweat. I took a deep, sweet breath. I looked around and people were grinning at and waving to me. I couldn’t stop feeling the joy. I was deeply satisfied with life and everything. Some people approached me and gave me kisses. I felt like I had become a big star of the fabulous party. Then I enjoyed the rest of the party with my admirers. 

After the party, I went home. It was 3 a.m. I kept smiling to myself as I thought about the party. I still couldn’t forget the passion and heat which filled the party hall as well as the beat of the music flowing all over my body. Without letting go of the great excitement, I fell sweetly asleep.


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