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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - The Lie – by Yoon Soo Min, Year 11, Sayfol International School

The Lie – by Yoon Soo Min, Year 11, Sayfol International School

People say that there are many rich people in the world, but they do not know who they are. Yes, I was one of the rich people and my family was very well-known. I was very famous in Herry town and everyone was always kind to me. They also always envied me. My giant house was located at the top of the hill and people had to use a car to come to my house.

I had not made friends properly for twelve years. Now, I was twelve years old but my cat, Patience, was my only friend. I spent all my time with him. My parents hated me to meet common children. They said that I was different from others. I could not spend time with my parents because they were always working. They said that they had to earn lots of money to make me happy. I wanted to say that I didn’t want money but I said nothing. I was lonely in school and I was lonely at home. I had a lot of money, maids and personal teachers but nothing could make me happy. 

One day, I went to school and sat down at my desk. Nobody was interested in me and they were talking to one another. I was alone except for my two bodyguards standing behind me. Suddenly, Jimmy walked to me and gave me some chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I was really surprised because he was the first person to give me anything like that. He smiled at me and I felt a strange emotion. During every class, I talked with him and he told me about his life. Everything he said made me excited. His world was a new world to me. He was my first friend and I liked him.

One day, after school, we ran away from my driver. The driver shouted my name but I ignored him. I wanted to be with Jimmy more and more. I went to his house. It was the smallest and oldest house I had ever seen but it looked lovely and special. This was because it was Jimmy’s house. He showed me a wooden doll which was made by his father. His father passed away seven years ago and he left only the doll to Jimmy. Jimmy said he would look at the doll whenever he missed his father. 

I was confused because I did not know what family love was. I had never felt love between family members and I could not even see my parents very often. Jimmy went into the kitchen to get me a drink. I looked at the doll for a while and then I reached for it on the shelf. Suddenly, the doll fell onto the floor and the arm broke. The world became white. I was about to cry. I heard Jimmy’s footsteps. I had cold sweat. The doll was looking at me. I did not want to lose my only friend. What should I do?

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