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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - How To Be A Fashionista – by Kim Jun Ho, Year 10, Sayfol International School

How To Be A Fashionista – by Kim Jun Ho, Year 10, Sayfol International School

There are many people who love clothes. Some of them work as fashion designer or models. In my opinion, it is extremely important to know how to wear your clothes. There are many kinds of clothes and many kinds of styles. I will tell you how to be a fashionista.

Firstly, find your own colour - a colour that fits you most. Good colour choice can make you look attractive. There are many colours in this world and you have to pick the one that suits you best. People with dark skin should choose bright colours while people with fair skin will find a darkish colour more attractive. Almost all stylists or fashionistas have a great sense of colour. The most important thing in fashion is colour combination. Some colours are a great match and some aren’t. You can enhance your style with accessories but make sure the colours match your clothes. If you wear dark clothes, you should use bright coloured accessories such as a tie, handkerchief or bag.

Secondly, find your own style. Find out the best type of clothes for you. Some people look good in a dandy style, some look good in a casual style while others look good in a hip hop style. Everyone has their own, best-looking style. You have to try a lot of clothes and find the style that you look best in. Individuality is an important aspect of fashion. Almost all fashionistas display individuality and have their own most-liked styles. You have to be creative to be individual. Try something nobody has done before. It can make you look unique.

Thirdly, get ready for new trends and styles. You have to be interested in the fashion news. Famous fashionistas often give tips on fashion sense such as how to select your clothes or colour. You can easily use their advice. The internet, fashion magazines, television and fashion shows can help you to know new trends and styles. Do not be lazy about learning basic styles and watching the fashion news. However, do not follow fashion trends too closely. Adapt the trends to your own style. Some people follow the trend too much and lose their individuality as a result.

I love fashion and trying out new clothes. My friends say I am a fashionista. My dream is to learn about fashion professionally from real designers as fashion is one of the most important things in my life.

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