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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Helen Keller – by Tony Kim June Cheol, Year 8, Sayfol International School

Helen Keller – by Tony Kim June Cheol, Year 8, Sayfol International School

Helen Keller was a lady who couldn’t see or hear. But she succeeded in doing many amazing things in her life. There are several specific reasons why I admire her. 

Firstly, she learned lots of things despite her handicap. She learned only by touching. Without the ability to see, hear or speak, it is very difficult for anyone to learn. However, she even managed to go to college. It is not easy to anyone to go to college; we must study hard to get in. It is admirable that she managed to get in although she couldn’t see or hear. For her, any activity was hard but her handicap did not stop her.

Secondly, she was a very determined person. She never gave up no matter difficult things were. Many people looked down on her and discriminated against her because of her handicap but she did not care. Because of her handicap, life was hard but she did not give up. She even went to work with normal people. Even on the day her mother died, she still went to work. Her determination is admirable.

Thirdly, she was very pitiful. She got teased a lot by others. Some people scorned her because she was handicapped. They wanted to use her for various reasons. She did not have many friends because it was difficult for her to communicate with others due to her handicap. The only true friend she had was her teacher, Ann Sullivan. So, at times, she was very lonely, living in a world without sight or sound. 

In conclusion, I admire Helen Keller because although she could not see or hear, she was highly successful. There are many things we can learn from her.

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