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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - How To Annoy Your Sister – By Kim Do Young, Year 10, Sayfol International School

How To Annoy Your Sister – By Kim Do Young, Year 10, Sayfol International School

Anyone with a sister is bound to have conflicts with her. I, myself, have quite a lot of conflicts with my sister. There are fights every day. These fights are exhausting. A couple of fights may end me up in complete exhaustion. To win these fights without using much energy, one needs to know some ways to annoy her. I will explain some of the ways.

One of the most effective ways to annoy your sister is by using words. Firstly, you can try calling her names. As almost everyone hates to be called names, this method can be used on almost all sisters. However, you must make sure that she dislikes the names that you use. The more you do this, the more annoyed she will be. Secondly, you can tease her. You can tease her about her mistakes or parts of her body she not proud of, such as her belly.

Disturbing her physically also produces great results. One of the methods of physical disturbance is to wake her up violently when she is fast asleep. Most people get annoyed when they are violently woken up from their sleep. The best effects can be obtained when she is sleeping after a hard day or a tiring trip. The effectiveness of the next method varies among different people as it depends on the hobbies that your sister has. For example, if your sister loves playing computer games, you can pull out the power cable while she is on a winning streak. In my case, my sister likes watching videos online so she gets annoyed when I turn off the network. 

Finally, you can upset her by deceiving her. Although this is very risky, the results are worth putting your neck on the line for. Firstly, you can deceive her by acting as if you are helping her. For example, you can help her with her homework and lead her to the wrong answers. Unfortunately, this only works if your sister is dumb so I cannot use this method on my sister.  Another disadvantage is that she will eventually develop immunity to this method. The next way to deceive her is to provide her with false information. For example, you can wake her up at midnight and tell her it is already morning. This is risky as you may also wake your parents up. However, the results are remarkable. 

By following the methods above, you can successfully make your sister angry enough to make mistakes during fights. For example, she may start a fight in front of your parents. Remember that you should fight and tease only out of your parents’ sight. Moreover, be careful, as your sister may counter-attack using similar methods.

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