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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student Essay - Causes of Soil Erosion – by Oh Jin Taek, Year 9, Sayfol International School

Causes of Soil Erosion – by Oh Jin Taek, Year 9, Sayfol International School

There are many kinds of disasters. Some are caused by humans and some are caused by nature. Some countries, like Nepal, are facing a lot of difficulty because of soil erosion. It destroys crops, wild life and even human life. There are several causes of soil erosion.

The first reason is overgrazing. It means grazing too many animals in one small area. Sometimes too many animals are concentrated in one area because nowadays, there is not enough land for animals to graze. Therefore, they eat up and destroy the vegetation in that area. This leaves the ground bare and unprotected. Wind and rain can then carry off the loose soil. The solution to this problem is to make fenced areas.

The second reason soil gets eroded is because of deforestation. Trees are very good ‘barrier’ of soil. The roots hold the soil tightly together so that the soil is kept stable. The leaves also protect the soil from the wind and rain that can carry off soil. Trees provide a lot of things to humans, for example, paper, medicine, furniture, instruments and so on. That is why they often get cut down. Government agencies must protect the forest to stop deforestation. 

The third reason is up and down ploughing. Farmers find it easier to plough up and down a slope rather than across it. So, when it rains, water flows straight down the furrows. Then, it take with it large amount of soil. The furrows can quickly turn into deep gullies. Then more soil will be eroded and that soil blocks rivers and roads. Finally, the slopes are eroded. The solution is to make small dams.

In conclusion, the results of soil erosion are terrible. It covers the village and blocks traffic. Large areas of land are becoming desserts. So the problem of soil erosion needs to the solved urgently. Let’s start by planting trees!

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