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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Student Essay - Unwelcome Visitor – Kim Chan Young, Year 10, Fairview International School

Unwelcome Visitor – Kim Chan Young, Year 10, Fairview International School

It was just a normal day but I could sense that someone was going to visit me. My room was on the ninth floor. I had been in hospital for a few months. I felt so tired and sick. I was also bored. I looked out of the windows. The crows were cawing onimously. I sighed loudly. I lay on my bed. I had nothing to do. I just looked at the ceiling and fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a man. He was wearing a black suit. The man’s face was really pale. He was so skinny I could see his bones and blood vessels. He was looking at me with his deep, cold eyes. I could hardly open my mouth to talk. I asked him who he was but he did not answer. For a few minutes, there was pin-drop silence. I asked him the same question again. He slowly opened his mouth and said he was “Death”.

I was shocked. I could neither open my mouth and nor dared to speak. A little later, I felt that it was so unfair. I started to argue with him. I told him what I felt but he kept saying that it was my fate. I asked him to give me a chance to continue living. Finally, he said that he would give me 19 hours to collect two drops of tears from people I knew but the tears had to be real. The man disappeared and there was a necklace around my neck.

Suddenly, I saw my mum and dad. I ran to them and tried to hug them but it was impossible. I called them but they could not see me because I was dead. My mother was talking to my doctor on the phone. After she put the phone down, she started crying. I felt guilty and sorry. A few days later, it was my funeral. My parents were there. I also saw my relatives. They were crying but I could see only fake tears. When my parents started to cry, I could collect some real tears from them. I knew how much they loved me.

When I went back to the man, I showed him the tears proudly. The man looked at the tears very carefully and then suddenly disappeared. I looked around. I was on my parents’ bed, sleeping with my parents. When I saw their faces, I started to cry and realised how much they loved me. I went on living, very happily, after that incident.


  1. The whole essay was amazing but there was a mistake in that means according to the man the boy has only 19 hours to collect the tears but according to your story his funeral was held after few days so how it is possible??


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