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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Student Essay - Should students be allowed to bring handphones to school? – Yoon Seung Hee, Year 9, Sayfol

Should students be allowed to bring handphones to school? – Yoon Seung Hee, Year 9, Sayfol

Nowadays, almost every student has a handphone. In my opinion, handphones are bad for children. If they want to study hard, they shouldn’t bring handphones to school. Here are some reasons why students should not be allowed to bring handphones to school.

Firstly, students will not concentrate on their studies if they have their handphones with them. The will play with their handphones during class. They will not concentrate on their work because they will be holding their handphones in their hands. Their eyes may be looking at the book but their fingers will be busy pressing the buttons on the handphones. They won’t study as they only want to play with their handphones. Morever, the handphones may ring in class and interrupt a lesson. This can happen if students forget to switch their phones off. If the phone rings, the teacher will get angry and may confiscate the phone. When I was in Middle School, someone’s phone rang very loudly during Korean class. I was reading a book and my phone was switched off but it sounded as if the ringing came from me. The teacher called me and took the phone from my pocket. I felt that it was so unfair! To avoid situations like this, students should not bring their handphones to school.

Secondly, if students lose their handphones, there will no way to recover them. They may drop their handphones while they are running around. If they drop their phones, it will be very difficult to find the handphones again. They probably won’t remember where they lost their phone or someone might have taken the phone. If there is no witness or evidence, it will be almost impossible to get their handphones back. In this case, we can only blame the owner of the phone for bringing it to school. Once, when I was seven years old, I lost my handphone in school. It was my father’s phone so he was very angry. I had taken the phone with me to play games in school. While playing, I fell asleep and when I woke up, the phone was gone. Nobody knew where it had gone so I was punished by my father. Thus, students should not be allowed to bring handphones to school because they might lose them.

Thirdly, some students cannot afford to buy handphones so it may cause jealousy amongst friends. Those who cannot afford handphones may become envious of those who have expensive handphones. They will start to harass their parents for handphones. They will be embarrassed about being poor, especially if their richer friends start teasing them about not having the money to buy a handphone. It will be difficult for these poor children to have a good relationship with their friends. For example, one of my friends, who didn’t have a handphone, had a poor relationship with his friends. He really wanted to buy a handphone so he stole some money from his mother’s wallet and bought a phone. One day, his mother found out about it so he was severely punished. Therefore, allowing students to bring handphones to school can cause many problems.

In conclusion, I think students should not be allowed to bring handphones to school because they will not concentrate on their studies, they might lose their phones and it might cause jealousy amongst those who cannot afford handphones. It is better to forget about the phone and concentrate on studying in school. Students do not need handphones to lead happy lives!

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